Spa Treatment

Bubbles Dog Spa priority is your pet well being and during their grooming session we will make sure to check your dog skin, coat condition, ears, teeth, fleas and ticks and will advice you of any issues your pet might have.
Please note that we are not vets therefore we will not be able to give you an accurate diagnosis and will not medicate your pet during their stay at Bubbles.

We are pleased to offer a loyalty program to maintain your pet coat and Heath every month and avoid matting, over shedding and excess of dirt and bad smell. Please call us for more information

Full Spa Treatment

  • Aromatherapy bath
  • Dry
  • Ear Plucking And Cleaning
  • Pad Trimming
  • Anal Glad Excretion
  • Nail Clipping and Filing
  • Hair Trimming (following owners requirements and breed standards)

Small Breeds

Jack Russell, pugs, French Bulldogs$35 – $65
westie, shitzu, cocker spaniel, Maltese, etc $65

Medium Breeds

Wheaten, Border Collie, Labradoodles$70 – $80
Labradoodles, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Airdales $80 – $95

Large Breeds

sheep dogs, Goldendoodle, Leonburgers, Newfoundlands$95 – $155

Please note that prices may vary depending on coat conditions, size, age and behaviour.


De-matting takes time and patience from our team as well as your dog, therefore, prices will vary

All Breeds$20 per 20 min

Severely matted dogs will not be de-matted.

De-shedding or undercoat removal

We use our furminator and shampoo treatment for all our double coated breeds to remove the fuzzy and thick undercoat as well as to leave your dog’s coat silky and shiny.

All BreedsPrices vary depending on coat condition

Blueberry Facial

Perfect for all those dirty and smelly shitzus, pugs, wrinkly faces and white dogs. This treatement will remove tears and those pesky red-stains, leaving your dog’s face smelling fresh.

All Breeds$20

Paw moisturizer

For cracked and dried pads especially in harsh weather, will relieve pads soreness and itchiness

All Breeds$15

Anal gland excretion

Dogs need their anal glands emptied on a regular basis to avoid infection, discomfort and a bad smell. Pop in at Bubbles for a check up

No appointment needed$20

Nail clipping and filing

No appointment needed$15

Regarding fleas please be aware Bubbles will not accept dogs infected in fleas.


Puppies will be groomed at bubbles as early as 6 months old. However, it is required that all their vaccinations are up to date.

Please be informed that a first grooming session can be stressful and tiring for your puppy therefore haircut will not be considered on their first stay.
Bath, brushing, nail clipping, bum trimming and face tidy up are included in the puppy introduction grooming package. We are allowing extra time for puppies depending on their behaviour and reactions to grooming.

Old Dogs

Please be informed old dogs will be monitored during their grooming session and it will be interrupted if your pet is showing sign of being very distraught (over stressed, over ventilating and shaking) and we will ask you to pick him/her up as soon as you can.